2 5 Ab And Multiverse 3 December 11, 2012 by dumptruckman

Considering we’re so behind schedule with releasing the 2.5 Awesome Build it seems like it’s finally time to explain what is going on.

Over the past few months, main– and I, have been the primary contributors to the Multiverse project. We’ve been working, when we can and are willing, to fix bugs, add features, and close tickets. FernFerret appeared for a little while to try to kick things in motion with hopes to release a new Awesome Build by a certain date. At the time we had close to 250 open tickets on the Multiverse-Core issue tracker. I personally saw to closing nearly 200+ of those, and in the processing spamming the crap out of my teammates email accounts! However, the date he hoped to have it out by is long past and we’re still not ready to release an Awesome Build.

So what happened? I suppose our anticipated release date was a little too much to hope for. Before we came up with our anticipated date, we still had a significant change to take care of that brought along a whole slew of new problems. I guess that was a major...

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Better End Support November 14, 2012 by dumptruckman

The latest development builds of Multiverse-Core and Multiverse-NetherPortals now has significantly better end support. This is something that we have been lacking for quite a while now so I’m pretty excited to see it finally here.

A look at what has changed:


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Awesome Build 2 5 November 5, 2012 by fernferret

Alright. The time is almost here. After around 9 months and a large break by myself, we’re getting close to the 2.5 Awesome Build (our stable releases are called Awesome Builds). We’re down to 5 tickets and once those are resolved, I’ll put a timer on for 1 week. That means y’all have 1 week to test the 2.5 AB and find anything else that’s wrong with it and Bukkit 1.4.X. Effectively all features that are under development have been pushed to 2.6. We’re looking to perform critical bug fixes from here to 2.5. Even some minor “bugs” (most likely confusions) relating to permissions have been pushed to 2.6, but more on that...

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